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  • Walking in London

    Inspired by Boone’s prophetic dream that London was in danger the Pack arrived in London, focused on hunting down their prey, Felicity. Zhora arranged for transport. ??? eventually caught the Bale Hound’s scent and the trail led south across the Thames. …

  • Walking in London Act 2

    The two groups rendezvoused outside of the women’s shelter in Vauxhall. The building itself was large and imposing…clearly designed to keep people out. Recent construction was observed, particularly on the back of the building. One of the vampires …

  • Greta

    * Full name: [[:greta | Greta Von Shushburg]] * Place of birth - Heidelburg, Germany * Thursday evenings and all day Sunday are her days off. Yes, you guessed it...those are her "days for sex".

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