ghost at Dumbarton Oaks


A man dressed in clothing from the Colonial era. Caucasian, in his early 30s. There is a sign hanging around his neck with the word “traitor’ written on it. He only appears in the back hall of the mansion, close to the gardens. One odd thing is that he appears to be hanging from a ghostly tree branch by a noose around his neck (no tree is visible, just the branch). His neck is clearly broken, with his head lolling at an unnatural angle though that doesn’t seem to stop him from chatting away at everyone and anyone who walks past him (no one can hear him speak though someone with the ability to see into Twilight can certainly see his lips moving, and the gestures that he makes). As with the maid, Matilda, this ghost seems to be aware of mortals around him, though it’s hard to say if he is actually aware he’s dead.



Champions of Harmony! (a WEREWOLF: THE FORSAKEN campaign) JohnG