Champions of Harmony! (a WEREWOLF: THE FORSAKEN campaign)

Walking in London Act 2

The Discovery

The two groups rendezvoused outside of the women’s shelter in Vauxhall. The building itself was large and imposing…clearly designed to keep people out. Recent construction was observed, particularly on the back of the building. One of the vampires summoned several homeless people, and provided them with samples of “something” which they consumed. They then staggered into specific positions around the shelter. It was declared that they would act as some type of “triangulation” which should have allowed the vampire to determine where specific people were inside the building. He was unable to do with any sense of accuracy. The sense was that the building was warded in some fashion. A plan was devised. The three women (Malaya, Zhora and Dulcie) would try and bluff their way into the shelter. The men would sneak around back and try to infiltrate the building. The women successfully got inside the shelter after a rigorous screening by some matronly staff member. Zhora pretended to be Dulcie’s mother (they both was “escaping from an abusive relationship”) while Malaya posed as their friend. Meanwhile the men were successful in their attempt to sneak into the back of the building (assisted with the use of various mystical and magical means). They entered into a laundry room and began to sneak through the building, looking for signs of Felicity and Darlene. One of the vampires “vanished” and started to explore the building After being “processed” the women were left alone and took that opportunity to explore more of the building, hunting for their prey. They made their way into an auditorium and discovered a large group of catatonic women (adults and children) on their knees. These women rose, as one, and approached the female PCs. It was apparent that these women were under some kind of spell, or in a trance. The rest of the vampires and werewolves entered the auditorium, and a battle began. It was a quick yet bloody battle with the two groups of supernaturals fighting with unbridled ferocity. Highlights include Zhora beating a woman to death with her own child, and Drishti fending off unwelcomed advances from several of the unknown women without actually hurting them. Boone made short work of several with his knives, Patrick wielded his axe with gusto, and Malaya deftly avoided multiple opponents. Just when things seemed to wrapping up two unexpected events occurred. The first was everyone hearing the unmistakable howl of a wolf pack on the hunt…the Pure had arrived!! The second was that Drishi saw Felicity and another woman appear in an upper balcony. Upon hearing the war howl of a pack of werewolves, Patrick left the auditorium and was witness to several werewolves charging down the hall towards him (several in Garou form)!! Before long he was backed by several of his Pack members but not before taking some damage from the invading wolves. Malaya, however, used a Gift on the Pure which scattered most of them. Only one remained behind, falling to the floor and submitting in defeat. One of the vampires then attacked the surrendering werewolf, tearing at her throat in an attempt to drink her blood. Two of the vampire’s comrades then began to fight amongst themselves…one attempting to stop the frenzying vampire, the other trying to allow him to continue feeding. The frenzying vampire literally tore the werewolf to shreds. Meanwhile, Drishti ran upstairs to try and catch Felicity. He got there only to see her and the other women crossing through some unnatural rend in reality. Drishti was able to bite Felicity in the lower leg but was attacked by some type of psychic blast. By the time the rest of the Pack arrived, the two women were gone and Drishti was horribly wounded. The Pack returned to the lower floor to discover the vampires feeding and fighting. Eventually the frenzying vampire calmed down, albeit covered in gore and blood._ Did Patrick pull Nate off of the dying Pure werewolf?_ The situation was…tense. Next steps were discussed while Boone and Dulcie communed with a ghost and figured out that a vampire by the name of Mark Batton was on Felicity and Darlene’s hit list. Apparently these two were using the women from the shelter as tools to get revenge (i.e. murder) men. A spirit named Jack had possessed Darlene and appeared to be allied with Felicity. It was obvious that Felicity had also infiltrated the Pure pack much like she infiltrated the Rock Creek Park Pack. Drishti summoned a local Spirit to get some information. Nigel the Punk Rock God of Safety Pins showed up and possessed the shaman (with Drishti’s blessing, of course). After yelling a lot and biting Malaya’s breast Nigel conveyed some useful information…he confirmed that a very powerful Spirit (Jack) had claimed this shelter as his own, running off all other lesser Spirits. He also explained that Jack was in service to an even more powerful Spirit!! Realizing that 1) Mark was the next victim on Felicity and Darlene’s list, and 2) the vampires knew where Mark was going to be that night, the best plan was to go there and hope to catch the women. The location was actually a gathering of all of the city’s vampires…more than 200 of them! Apparently some type of soiree was happening tonight.

What could possibly go wrong??



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