Champions of Harmony! (a WEREWOLF: THE FORSAKEN campaign)

Walking in London: Act 1

The Hunt

Inspired by Boone’s prophetic dream that London was in danger the Pack arrived in London, focused on hunting down their prey, Felicity. Zhora arranged for transport. ??? eventually caught the Bale Hound’s scent and the trail led south across the Thames. Boone observed that a Uratha glyph was marked on Tower Bridge…a sigil indicating that they were entering Pure territory!
The hunt (led by Zhora) continued on foot, with the Pack wandering through neighborhoods and alleyways. It soon became apparent that they were being followed. The assumption was that it was the Pure had picked up their trail. Attempts were made to lose their tracker and eventually it seemed like this was successful.
Felicity’s scent was tracked to a nondescript apartment building. The Pack entered, and made their way to the third floor. They followed the trial to a flat at the end of the hall where Malaya instructed Zhora to pick the lock. Eventually Patrick used his axe to smash through the flat’s door!
Inside the small apartment the Pack encountered a party of 5 individuals (it would quickly be determined that they were, in fact, vampires!). Malaya instantly challenged the strangers, demanding to know where Felicity was! The strangers, led by a woman named Dulcie, denied knowledge of Felicity and confirmed that they were here to find a woman named Darlene. This was, in fact, Darlene’s flat. It soon became clear that both women were together. While in the apartment several events occurred:

• The vampires produced a container that held several severed ears. A ritual was performed on one of the ears to see if information could be gleaned. I know something was revealed…can’t recall what
• The flat was noteworthy due it’s lack of Spirit activity. It also had an overwhelming spiritual resonance that made several of the Pack members uncomfortable. Drishti was so put off that he almost fled in terror.
• One of the vampires frenzied and was subdued by his coterie member by being held to the celling until he calmed down.
• Drishti cast a Gift on one of the vampires that “befuddled him” (was this the cause of the frenzy??)
• Two police officers showed up, apparently being called by a neighbor for noise violations. Malaya “asked them to leave” and they did.
The two groups eventually decided to work together and track the women down. The vampires had their own agenda which involved finding Darlene who was important to an associate of theirs named Mark Batton. It was determined that the women were likely in a nearby women’s shelter in the neighborhood of Vauxhall. Everyone went to that location.



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