Champions of Harmony! (a WEREWOLF: THE FORSAKEN campaign)

Sewers Redux

Notes by Mark

We’ve retconned to get the story back on track.

We start back off at the shaft. 60’ feet across.

Pack decides that it’s important to keep their oath to Sasha and starts to leave the sewers. On their way back they swim through the alligator water w/out incident and end up in the room with all the womens corpses and skeletons.

The pack tries to get a feel from the age of the corpses to determine how regularly the pile of corpses is added to. The pack isn’t able to get a feel for the frequency corpses are added to the pile. The pack gives up and starts moving back towards the entrance.

Drishti grabs a bottle, it’s got some bones and old mexican coins inside. The pack decides to take it back with them so Rumbletongue and Rook can take a look at them.

Patrick decides to ask a question of the path right outside the gate. He cleans his hands, Boone pees on Patricks hands to clean them. Question- What hung the bottles from the ceiling? Patrick said he thought the spirit of the road doesn’t recognize what it is. He got an image of a civilization beaten into the sand by an individual that was a representation of a type. The answer was weird.

Maleya takes a picture of the newest corpse.

The pack had previously sent the Corporal behind to leave marks highlighting the path out. We make it out of the sewers and all filthy. It’s December 1.

The pack gets back to Dumbarton Oaks and showers. Then we head Sasha’s in Foxhall using 2 vehicles a car and Maleya’s bike.

Sasha’s house is surrounded by an iron gate that stands 10-11 feet tall. Drishti senses that there’s been a really big fight but that spirits of winter have been defeated at this gate. Also there’s a great ziggurat inside. Drishti thinks it means that it means that there’s a lot of spiritual activity here.

The building is an old world spanish style manor. It’s sunny and warm inside and there are tons of vibrant gardens. Boone senses a ton of spirit activity. It’s more spiritually active than Dumbarton Oaks.

There’s a Ferrari parked in front.

A slight black man opens the door, looks butlerish. He seems confused. He invites the pack in, as the pack goes in two people are coming out. One wearing a bright blue leather duster with, like a captain’s coat, he’s wearing a silk shirt and looks like a gay pirate with blue hair. Some people notice that he’s got a bullwhip tied around his waist. The other person is a woman wearing jeans, a hoody, and combat boots, some of the pack notices that she’s got a half green metal mask on.

The gay pirate smells like patchouli. He introduces himself as Ray Rondo and seems to be smitten with Zhora. He’s got a sprig of greenery on his lapel.

Zhora feels something tries to caress her soul, but she resists.

Drishti senses malice and get’s that he’s duplicitous and has ulterior motives. He’s here to gain an advantage.

Zhora senses weakness and gets that he hates losing. (from the gay pirate). She picks up that the woman is extremely insecure. She also gets a name from the woman – Arcana.

They leave in the Ferrari. But not before Arcana looks at the pack and they sense that she has seen into their souls.

The butler leads the pack to a room and asks if they’d like kool aid, tea, or tequila. The pack declines. The pack senses a locus nearby. Boone gets a feeling that he could find the locus. Zhora runs for the door and flings it open, she wants to run to the source. Maleya stops us.

The door opens and a young girl with pink hair walks in. Wearing Jeans, Doc Martins, and a shirt that says swans. Drishti knows her and calls her Sunday. She angrily asks Drishti where Gwen is. Sunday cusses at Zhora and Maleya yells at her and scares her out of the room.

Sasha walks in wearing white shortly after and has heat coming off of him in waves. He acknowledges the pack by name. Dristhi and Maleya ask for a tour of the non-private areas of the house to suss out where the ritual should be performed.

The pack follows him towards the courtyard. There’s a garden in the courtyard with sunlight streaming from the top of the courtyard. Most of the pack notices that a spirit is hanging onto Drishti hanging on to him in twilight. It turn out to be the iron spirit that Drishti brought with him. The pack tells him that they get the feeling that they need to enact the ritual downstairs (in the direction of the locus).

The pack hears gunfire as they head downstairs. Maleya can tell that it’s a handgun, probably an automatic. Drishti thinks the spirits are anticipatory.

Drishti and Zhora point at a room behind a door (home of the locus). Sasha is reluctant to show the pack the room. Sasha calls for Jude and a guy walks out of another door with a scar over his eye carrying a large gun.

Sasha says that he can let Drishti in but he can’t touch but it can just be him.

Zhora darts for the door, but Boone, Patrick and Maleya stop here. Maleya uses Luna’s dictum and tells Zhora to stay.

Zhora senses weakness on Sasha.

Jude opens the door. There’s a mannequin highlighted by spotlights. The mannequin is wearing sports equipment. The mannequins chest piece has a reddish orange piece of glass in teh center. The glass is the locus, it’s extremely powerful and full. The locus has a resonance of Martial Power and rage/anger.

Drawing on the locus could cause frenzy. Zhora warns Drishti not to drink from it.

Behind the mannequin is a glass display case with a baseball bat within. Drishti senses that there is more to the bat than it seems.

Jude recognizes Patrick from the news footage from the GTown fight the night before.

Drishti draws a circle around of iron filings around the mannequin.

Drishti gets the iron spirit to agree to stay. The spirit is ecstatic to be here. We all feel a pulse of power.

The pack and Sasha retire upstairs for drinks. He leads the pack by a swimming pool. There’s a beautiful blonde with sunglasses and a sun tatoo. Sasha addresses her as Crimson. Crimson remembers Patrick as sensitive. Sasha- “Make yourself decent!”

Sasha calls for William to bring refreshments and he sits down at his desk.

Zhora tries to cast Loose Tongue on Sasha and fails. Sasha goes to expel the pack but Boone apologizes for the pack and tells him that he will smite the next pack member who threatens them in their place.

Sasha leaves the room and returns with a cat of nine tails and tells him to flagellate Zhora. They discuss whether or not the whipping Zhora will meet his terms.

Maleya strikes Zhora in the face with the whip twice. Her face is in shambles.

Patrick takes one hit to the face as Patrick steps between the whip and Zhora.

Patrick and Sasha have a face off.

Maleya then hits herself in the face. for a massive amount of damage.

Sasha is satisfied with this display and says we have until sundown on sunday.

Crimson tears off her dress and starts crawling across the floor and says she wants more of Patrick. Sasha picks her up by the hair and kicks her out of the room and demands to know what Patrick did to her.

The pack tells him that it wasn’t them. Sasha leaves the room.

William comes in and leaves in disgust. Sunday comes in and leads the pack out.

The pack is lead outside and returns to Dumbarton Oaks and the pack regroups and discusses what they saw.

-The locus was at least twice as powerful as D.O.
-When Drishti mentioned the forces of Winter, Sasha had a strong reaction.
-There’s a chair at the top of the ziggurat.
-The iron spirit is super happy with Drishti.
-Drishti can summon the spirit back when he decides to.
-Crimson reminded us of Vampires, fed off of something that she wasn’t expecting from Patrick.



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