Former member of the Orphans of Fenris (deceased)


Killed by Snake Handler and fanatic, Reverend Sally Holland
Patrick tried to save her. (Sort of).

Saved Malaya’s life by invoking blood spirits that possessed Patrick, Zhora, and Widow. After some ugliness Patrick and Zhora were freed of their taint. Patrick then decided to track her down and see if she was still possessed rather than worry about a blood-craved werewolf stalking the country side (plus, he felt he owed an apology for G-Force).

Alas, she’d fallen in with a weird snake-handling cult and decided to under go some sort of ritual torture by them to “free her from her demons”. Her choice, her life; at least she and her gang weren’t terrorizing the country anymore. Sucks, but people can’t run from themselves.

At least, that’s how Patrick views the whole situation…


Champions of Harmony! (a WEREWOLF: THE FORSAKEN campaign) JohnG