ghost at Dumbarton Oaks


A woman dressed as a maid…probably from the early 1900s. Caucasian, of an undeterminable age. There’s no indication of how she died. She appears all over the mansion, in rooms and hallways. She has never been seen outside of the building. Those who can see this ghost have observed her going about her duties, attempting to keep this derelict of a house clean and spotless. The fact that her efforts are often for naught doesn’t seem to dissuade her (though she often seems harried). On occasion residents of the mansion probably has noticed that clothes, left in a heap, seem to get folded, or dirty dishes are suddenly clean. One thing of note…she seems to be aware of the living (not all ghosts have an awareness but are often stuck re-living some past event). She seems particularly vexed by Drishti at times, and she may be observed her shaking her head disapprovingly at the contents of Zhora’s closet (though never at Zhora herself) .



Champions of Harmony! (a WEREWOLF: THE FORSAKEN campaign) JohnG