ghost at Dumbarton Oaks


A black man dressed in rags with no shoes, with manacles around his wrists, in his mid-20’s. The back of his shirt is ripped to shreds, as is the ephemeral flesh beneath it. He only appears after sundown, and can be found both in the house and in the gardens. He seems to be walking in a pattern of some sort. It is very apparent to those who can see him that this ghost is extremely angry…the rage coming off this entity is almost suffocating. Occult scholars are aware that some ghosts have powers that can affect the living world, and so it could be noticed that items in the house seem to shift, or fall, when this ghost passes by. This angry soul would be very dangerous, were he to Manifest in the mortal plane, or unleash some deadly power while still in Twilight.



Champions of Harmony! (a WEREWOLF: THE FORSAKEN campaign) JohnG