Champions of Harmony! (a WEREWOLF: THE FORSAKEN campaign)

Vampire War Timeline
Our story so far...

End of October 2016. Pack returns from London
11/14/2016 (evening). Boone encounters a vampire that appears to be hunting on U Street. Boone engages but the vampire escapes into the sewers.
11/15/2016 (evening). The Pack meets with Ducaynes, a vampire Elder who claims Alexandria VA as his domain. He declares that he does not involve himself with Kindred affairs in DC. However, he states that he may know of this vampire that Boone encountered. He provides the name of a bar in NW DC called Sharkey’s and says that the Pack may find information there. At the meeting, the Pack also encounters one of Ducaynes minion…a beautiful female vampire named Corrine.
11/20/2016. Pack seeks out Reuben (a renowned Uratha vampire hunter). Pack helps Reuben reclaims a relic of his that causes Aggravated damage to vampires
11/21/2016 (evening). The Pack and Reuben destroys a female vampire in an alley behind Blues Junction. Turns out that that she is the Prince’s daughter. She attempted to feed on Boone, who was under her thrall at the time.
11/26/2016. A Changeling Elder of the city meets with Malaya and Dr. Pascal. The Changeling (named Sasha) has been asked by the Prince of the city to investigate the disappearance of the daughter. Her feeding ground was the area around Georgetown. Malaya admits that the Pack encountered and destroyed her. The Changeling agrees to meet with the Pack to discuss when/if he will tell the Prince.
11/29/2016. Everyone meets at Union Station and an agreement is reached…Sasha will not tell the Prince what he knows for three day…in return the Pack will “cast a spell” on his mansion that will bind Spirits of iron there, and will defend that place against any creatures susceptible to iron.
11/30/2016. A van of newly-created vampires is let in the middle of Georgetown. They are released by the police and a massacre ensues. Some of the Pack arrive and brings the situation under control. Malaya stakes one of these neonates and it is brought back to Dumbarton Oaks for interrogation. However, the Beggar King demands that the vampire is given to him (it was in his territory and injured one of this subjects). Malaya refuses but the Beggar King sends an “emissary” to witness the interrogation and aid in this conflict with the vampires (his name was the Corporal…a mortal who apparently lives in the sewers). Meanwhile in Georgetown, Zhora and Patrick are held by the police at the scene of the massacre. A woman (vampire?) shows up, questions Patrick and then has Z + P released.
12/01/2016 (morning) The Corporal explains that there are two factions of vampires in called the Ferals (who live in the sewers) and the other is called the Gentry (who live above ground and influence mortal society). He offers to lead the Pack into the sewers to show them where these Ferals are. The Pack agrees. They never find the lair of the vampires but they do encounter a nexus of sorts that negates all use of Essence and Gifts. Drishti destroys the wards powering this nexus. The Pack also finds an area of the sewers cordoned off. A community of subterranean creatures inhabits this section. They appear to be albino simians that abduct mortal woman and impregnate them. The women do not survive the pregnancy. This has been going on for decades. The Pack investigates this further, dispatches several of these creatures but decides to return to the surface. They never encounter the Ferals, of their lair.
12/01/2016 (evening) The Pack arrive at Sasha’s and Drishti performs the ritual. Sasha is pleased and extends the time to tell the Prince by several days. The Pack discovers that a VERY powerful Locus resides in Sasha’s mansion.
12/03-04/2016 Boone has been spending time at a strip club in the Pack’s territory…the Gilded Cage. He believes this is a vampire haven. He got to know one of the dancers, and woke up in her apartment one morning after visiting the club. She was dead (torn to shreds) and he had no memory of doing it though he was covered in her blood. She was also aged quite a bit. Boone and some of the Pack went to the Gilded Cage during the day, encountered a sleeping vampire, staked her, set the building on fire, and returned with her to Dumbarton Oaks. They try to interrogate her but do not gain any useful information yet.
12/04/2016 (evening) Reuben reappears and explains that a dangerous werewolf hunter called the Marshall is in DC. The Marshall is a vampire. The assumption is that the Prince has brought him in to hunt down his daughter’s killer. Madeline from the Scholar’s Pack arrives to speak to Drishti and is informed that this Marshall is in town. She takes offense at the implication that her Pack cannot defend itself. Insulted she leaves, and Reuben follows after her. 2 hours later, Reuben calls and tells the Pack that Madeline has tracked down the Marshall (by herself) to a warehouse in SE DC. The Pack heads there and battles some of the Marshall’s minions but the Marshall escapes with Madeline. The Pack pursues him to an abandoned building and enters through Twilight. After encountering several ghosts the Pack battles the Marshall and some of his Spirit allies. The Marshall is destroyed but Zhora dies as well. The Pack is hurt badly. Madeline is also dead. The Pack informs the Scholars, and the Southeast Pack, of her death. The Pack returns to Dumbarton Oaks with Zhora’s body and finds Reuben. The Pack banishes Reuben for his cowardice and he leaves. Zhora is buried by the Locus. The Pack agrees that the battle is well and truly engaged now with the city’s vampires.
12/04/2016 (sundown) Sasha is scheduled to tell the Prince who killed his daughter.

Note – During this time period Boone has met several times with the Alexandria vampire, Corrine. The nature of their relationship is…hazy. Please see Boone himself for further details.
Dead Strippers, Staked Vampires, and Patrick using his brain(?!)

It all started after a quiet night fishin. The kind of fishin where you ain’t tryn to catch anything, just relaxin with the water lappin at the boat. While I was out there, I seen a big scaffold lookin thing, with a couple of them big ole blimps on it. Gotta remember to see if there’s anything about it on Google, because its definitely new and definitely big.

Anyways, I get up early like always and wouldn’tcha know it but Boone gives ME a ring? I’m thinking somethin big’s going down if he’s callin me. So I answer and he’s all, “I’m naked and bloody and there’s a dead stripper here that I mighta et a bit of, get whosever in the house and come meet me in Maryland!” Well shit son, that’ll make a frog hop pretty quickly so I run to get Malaya, but she’s like DEAD or something in bed. But I grab her and wake her up somehow and she’s all “What are you doing Patrick?” I tried to be calm for her, but I’m a bit freaked out by now, cuz she was grey and not breathing…which ain’t normal even for us. But hells, Boone needs us and ’siderin what Malaya has gone through maybe this is the new normal, ya know?

So we grabs a bunch of stuff and take the SUV over to this apartment building. Street parkin so that sucked, but we get in just fine with a rug and some hefties but man you could smell that blood from downstairs. So we rush up and get Boone some covers and check out the body. She’s got all these pictures of herself in her 20s, but like from 1970 and 1980 and even 1990 around – but the dead girl is like 65. I’m startin to wonder what kind of weird things Boone is into right about now. But he says that she was 20 last night and her driver’s license says she’s 20 too. So isn’t that some weird piece of work going on? I help Boone toss his cookies so we can see if he done et any of the girl/lady/body – but he just dry heaving so we start thinking someone framed him – ’specially cuz he don’t remember leaving the strip club. Malaya finds a paw print in blood on the floor and hands me the dead lady’s phone. I figure she just wanna know whats on it, so I take deady’s thumb and unlock it – and there’s pictures of this girl from like last week but she’s 20 in them too. Weirder and weirder. At this point both Boone and Malaya lookin at me like I’m a ghost or somethin, and I’m thinkin maybe I am cuz this day has been so damn weird already.

They’re all worried about someone finding out about the body and Boone, but I’m thinking anyone who’d care probably already knows since they done did the setup. But just in case I tell ‘em to put on some of this girls hair-dyin gloves and clean up the place. I mean pretty obvious where you wipe down to get rid of prints and stuff but they both be lookin at me even stranger. Finally Boone all like, “Patrick, what the hell is up with you?” I’m all like damn I done fucked up again but then he gives me a HUG. He’s all like “These are some great ideas man!” That made me feel kinda good inside tell you the truth.

Anyways we decide that we gotta take the body with us. So we wrap her up in the rug and head out. Some old dude givin us the eye so I decide not to try talkin to the spirits to see what happened, but maybe we come back later and see whats up. Thinkin Dhristi and I come back some evenin soon.

Oh yeah! I forgot the best part, some drug dealer come ’round and Malaya does her voice on him to give her the drugs (they for dead-lady). But the drugs is actually blood! Man, so this dead lady was prolly in deeeeep with the vampires! Malaya got part of his license plate when he drove off. When we got home we left some for Rook to look at (but not drink) and for Dhristi to look at (but not drink!!! really!!!). I felt bad for Zhora not gettin nuthin so I left her dead-ladies anti-depressants cuz sometimes I think she prolly needs ’em.

So, we take dead-stripper-lady into the Shadow cuz we gotta hide the body. She be crawlin with spirits of tragedy and Boone goes a little soft for her now. We drag her down to the river and Boone look like he’s a bit sad or a change of heart for this weird stripper lady, but Malaya just toss her in like she’s chum. Boone got a bit angry and then howled out a goodbye for a friend. Felt a bit awkward to be true, cuz Malaya just dumped her in and I didn’t even know her. But you know, Boone gotta Boone.

That seemed to light a fire in Boone though, so he wants to go burn down the Gilded Cage (thats the stripper den). Malaya and I are both in so we get some stuff (you know, like rope and things) and go into Twilight so we can sneak in undetected. But there’s Frodo! He’s all sad and has a headache (cuz where the bullet left his skull). I tells him a story Dhristi told me about him and he starts getting more lucid and talks about his rock. So we take him down to the little memorial thing I put together where his rock is and he seems to be way more happy and all together more there if you know what I’m saying. I tell Boone and Malaya that someone better talk to him every few days until we can figure out what ta do bout him. Boone gives me a high-five, sayin something about he hopes “The old Patrick” doesn’t come back. Confusin to say the least, but been a confusin day.

Which reminds me! Malaya has all these guts and stuff hangin out of her in Twilight – like she’s even more real in Twilight than anything else around, maybe even Frodo. Really freaky B-movie horror stuff ‘cept its real so my hair is all standin on end. She went out first when we got to the club but when she left Twilight the guts all disappeared. #1 – gettin ahead of myself here, but #2 – I think she’s danced too close to death a few times.

But yeah, the Club – there’s some ghost dancer (like a ghost of a stripper, not like some mythical creature or indian thing) there, but she wants something precious to us to talk to us and we’re all thinkin she’s just a ghost stripper and don’t want to give her nothing. So we go deeper (still in Twilight, told you I got ahead of myself!) and there’s a ghost of some businessman all freakin out, turns out he had himself a heart attack in the back room while bein et on by a vampire! We figure that backroom a damn fine place to come out of Twilight and start causin havoc. So we did!

We look about in the room a bit, and then go into a hallway – there’s like this big steel door but I make really nice with the spirit in it and it opens! Like that shouldn’t have ever worked but that spirit really liked me so we think we’re in. We smell vampire, so I give ole Wood-Wounder a kick and he gets all flame-on and Malaya does her armor thing and Boone lookin all ready to rock! Its huntin time! So we go downstairs and there’s another door. But this door-spirit ain’t so keen on me and don’t wanna open. So Boone go into Twilight again and says something sweet about Dhristi and Zhora ifn he gets kilt on the other side of the door when he come out. But he go through just fine and now we’re in a big room full of nice things…and some pretty lookin (though slightly plump if you ask me) vampire asleep on the bed.

Well Malaya faster’n’lightnin just shoot that girl in the side. She start burnin cuz of the rounds that Gomez (tha hell, still, like what is goin on here???) gave us. Then Boone jump on her and stab her right’n the heart and she goes all wide eyed but frozen. I figure leavin her burnin when we got her staked prolly ain’t the best idea so I dump some water on her and cover her face cuz I don’t want her workin her whammy on Boone case he meets her eyes. Malaya grabs her diaries and I get some nice old jewelry that I think Zhora might like (and maybe she’ll stop bein all mean to me). I pull out the rope I brought so we can tie the pretty vampire up and Boone says something like “Patrick for alpha” and he and I actually share a laugh. Its like all the mean Boone leaked out and he’s all cool with me now.

Like I said, it was a weird day.

Out of Character Notes:

Someone set it up to make Boone think he killed his stripper friend.

Stripper friend was working for the vampire we staked and who had blood delivered to her the next day. If the blood is from the vampire we staked, it seems rather odd that she’d kill her own minion and forget about the blood delivery considering how precious vampires view blood. Thinking someone else set Boone up so that Vampire we staked would go after him…maybe?

Patrick should commune with the road to see if we can figure anything out about that, didn’t feel right at the time.

Paw print found by Malaya was from a dog. But only one print (weird…) almost as if someone hacked off a dog leg and just made the print to try and frame Boone…someone that would have had to have known that Boone is a werewolf.

We have diaries and staked vampire – suggest we read diaries first (I can look for hidden messages and stuff if need be) and only un-stake vampire if we absolutely have to. She’s definitely old and most likely powerful, but I’m not sure that she’s the one that whammied Boone.

Patrick did destroy all the recording equipment in the club since he couldn’t really get enough information from it in the short amount of time we had. Better to remove the records of Boone being here than to risk even more people finding things out…and after all we have the best source of information about the club if we want to risk it.

Frodo needs some TLC, I think we bought a bit of time for him, but figure we’re going to need to spend a few essence a week talking to him. He won’t come into the house (smart!)

Malaya is definitely got some weird deathiness going on, right now it seems more atmospheric than malignant, but we should probably do something about that. Bone-shadows got any thoughts here?

Sewers Redux
Notes by Mark

We’ve retconned to get the story back on track.

We start back off at the shaft. 60’ feet across.

Pack decides that it’s important to keep their oath to Sasha and starts to leave the sewers. On their way back they swim through the alligator water w/out incident and end up in the room with all the womens corpses and skeletons.

The pack tries to get a feel from the age of the corpses to determine how regularly the pile of corpses is added to. The pack isn’t able to get a feel for the frequency corpses are added to the pile. The pack gives up and starts moving back towards the entrance.

Drishti grabs a bottle, it’s got some bones and old mexican coins inside. The pack decides to take it back with them so Rumbletongue and Rook can take a look at them.

Patrick decides to ask a question of the path right outside the gate. He cleans his hands, Boone pees on Patricks hands to clean them. Question- What hung the bottles from the ceiling? Patrick said he thought the spirit of the road doesn’t recognize what it is. He got an image of a civilization beaten into the sand by an individual that was a representation of a type. The answer was weird.

Maleya takes a picture of the newest corpse.

The pack had previously sent the Corporal behind to leave marks highlighting the path out. We make it out of the sewers and all filthy. It’s December 1.

The pack gets back to Dumbarton Oaks and showers. Then we head Sasha’s in Foxhall using 2 vehicles a car and Maleya’s bike.

Sasha’s house is surrounded by an iron gate that stands 10-11 feet tall. Drishti senses that there’s been a really big fight but that spirits of winter have been defeated at this gate. Also there’s a great ziggurat inside. Drishti thinks it means that it means that there’s a lot of spiritual activity here.

The building is an old world spanish style manor. It’s sunny and warm inside and there are tons of vibrant gardens. Boone senses a ton of spirit activity. It’s more spiritually active than Dumbarton Oaks.

There’s a Ferrari parked in front.

A slight black man opens the door, looks butlerish. He seems confused. He invites the pack in, as the pack goes in two people are coming out. One wearing a bright blue leather duster with, like a captain’s coat, he’s wearing a silk shirt and looks like a gay pirate with blue hair. Some people notice that he’s got a bullwhip tied around his waist. The other person is a woman wearing jeans, a hoody, and combat boots, some of the pack notices that she’s got a half green metal mask on.

The gay pirate smells like patchouli. He introduces himself as Ray Rondo and seems to be smitten with Zhora. He’s got a sprig of greenery on his lapel.

Zhora feels something tries to caress her soul, but she resists.

Drishti senses malice and get’s that he’s duplicitous and has ulterior motives. He’s here to gain an advantage.

Zhora senses weakness and gets that he hates losing. (from the gay pirate). She picks up that the woman is extremely insecure. She also gets a name from the woman – Arcana.

They leave in the Ferrari. But not before Arcana looks at the pack and they sense that she has seen into their souls.

The butler leads the pack to a room and asks if they’d like kool aid, tea, or tequila. The pack declines. The pack senses a locus nearby. Boone gets a feeling that he could find the locus. Zhora runs for the door and flings it open, she wants to run to the source. Maleya stops us.

The door opens and a young girl with pink hair walks in. Wearing Jeans, Doc Martins, and a shirt that says swans. Drishti knows her and calls her Sunday. She angrily asks Drishti where Gwen is. Sunday cusses at Zhora and Maleya yells at her and scares her out of the room.

Sasha walks in wearing white shortly after and has heat coming off of him in waves. He acknowledges the pack by name. Dristhi and Maleya ask for a tour of the non-private areas of the house to suss out where the ritual should be performed.

The pack follows him towards the courtyard. There’s a garden in the courtyard with sunlight streaming from the top of the courtyard. Most of the pack notices that a spirit is hanging onto Drishti hanging on to him in twilight. It turn out to be the iron spirit that Drishti brought with him. The pack tells him that they get the feeling that they need to enact the ritual downstairs (in the direction of the locus).

The pack hears gunfire as they head downstairs. Maleya can tell that it’s a handgun, probably an automatic. Drishti thinks the spirits are anticipatory.

Drishti and Zhora point at a room behind a door (home of the locus). Sasha is reluctant to show the pack the room. Sasha calls for Jude and a guy walks out of another door with a scar over his eye carrying a large gun.

Sasha says that he can let Drishti in but he can’t touch but it can just be him.

Zhora darts for the door, but Boone, Patrick and Maleya stop here. Maleya uses Luna’s dictum and tells Zhora to stay.

Zhora senses weakness on Sasha.

Jude opens the door. There’s a mannequin highlighted by spotlights. The mannequin is wearing sports equipment. The mannequins chest piece has a reddish orange piece of glass in teh center. The glass is the locus, it’s extremely powerful and full. The locus has a resonance of Martial Power and rage/anger.

Drawing on the locus could cause frenzy. Zhora warns Drishti not to drink from it.

Behind the mannequin is a glass display case with a baseball bat within. Drishti senses that there is more to the bat than it seems.

Jude recognizes Patrick from the news footage from the GTown fight the night before.

Drishti draws a circle around of iron filings around the mannequin.

Drishti gets the iron spirit to agree to stay. The spirit is ecstatic to be here. We all feel a pulse of power.

The pack and Sasha retire upstairs for drinks. He leads the pack by a swimming pool. There’s a beautiful blonde with sunglasses and a sun tatoo. Sasha addresses her as Crimson. Crimson remembers Patrick as sensitive. Sasha- “Make yourself decent!”

Sasha calls for William to bring refreshments and he sits down at his desk.

Zhora tries to cast Loose Tongue on Sasha and fails. Sasha goes to expel the pack but Boone apologizes for the pack and tells him that he will smite the next pack member who threatens them in their place.

Sasha leaves the room and returns with a cat of nine tails and tells him to flagellate Zhora. They discuss whether or not the whipping Zhora will meet his terms.

Maleya strikes Zhora in the face with the whip twice. Her face is in shambles.

Patrick takes one hit to the face as Patrick steps between the whip and Zhora.

Patrick and Sasha have a face off.

Maleya then hits herself in the face. for a massive amount of damage.

Sasha is satisfied with this display and says we have until sundown on sunday.

Crimson tears off her dress and starts crawling across the floor and says she wants more of Patrick. Sasha picks her up by the hair and kicks her out of the room and demands to know what Patrick did to her.

The pack tells him that it wasn’t them. Sasha leaves the room.

William comes in and leaves in disgust. Sunday comes in and leads the pack out.

The pack is lead outside and returns to Dumbarton Oaks and the pack regroups and discusses what they saw.

-The locus was at least twice as powerful as D.O.
-When Drishti mentioned the forces of Winter, Sasha had a strong reaction.
-There’s a chair at the top of the ziggurat.
-The iron spirit is super happy with Drishti.
-Drishti can summon the spirit back when he decides to.
-Crimson reminded us of Vampires, fed off of something that she wasn’t expecting from Patrick.

Walking in London Act 2
The Discovery
The two groups rendezvoused outside of the women’s shelter in Vauxhall. The building itself was large and imposing…clearly designed to keep people out. Recent construction was observed, particularly on the back of the building. One of the vampires summoned several homeless people, and provided them with samples of “something” which they consumed. They then staggered into specific positions around the shelter. It was declared that they would act as some type of “triangulation” which should have allowed the vampire to determine where specific people were inside the building. He was unable to do with any sense of accuracy. The sense was that the building was warded in some fashion. A plan was devised. The three women (Malaya, Zhora and Dulcie) would try and bluff their way into the shelter. The men would sneak around back and try to infiltrate the building. The women successfully got inside the shelter after a rigorous screening by some matronly staff member. Zhora pretended to be Dulcie’s mother (they both was “escaping from an abusive relationship”) while Malaya posed as their friend. Meanwhile the men were successful in their attempt to sneak into the back of the building (assisted with the use of various mystical and magical means). They entered into a laundry room and began to sneak through the building, looking for signs of Felicity and Darlene. One of the vampires “vanished” and started to explore the building After being “processed” the women were left alone and took that opportunity to explore more of the building, hunting for their prey. They made their way into an auditorium and discovered a large group of catatonic women (adults and children) on their knees. These women rose, as one, and approached the female PCs. It was apparent that these women were under some kind of spell, or in a trance. The rest of the vampires and werewolves entered the auditorium, and a battle began. It was a quick yet bloody battle with the two groups of supernaturals fighting with unbridled ferocity. Highlights include Zhora beating a woman to death with her own child, and Drishti fending off unwelcomed advances from several of the unknown women without actually hurting them. Boone made short work of several with his knives, Patrick wielded his axe with gusto, and Malaya deftly avoided multiple opponents. Just when things seemed to wrapping up two unexpected events occurred. The first was everyone hearing the unmistakable howl of a wolf pack on the hunt…the Pure had arrived!! The second was that Drishi saw Felicity and another woman appear in an upper balcony. Upon hearing the war howl of a pack of werewolves, Patrick left the auditorium and was witness to several werewolves charging down the hall towards him (several in Garou form)!! Before long he was backed by several of his Pack members but not before taking some damage from the invading wolves. Malaya, however, used a Gift on the Pure which scattered most of them. Only one remained behind, falling to the floor and submitting in defeat. One of the vampires then attacked the surrendering werewolf, tearing at her throat in an attempt to drink her blood. Two of the vampire’s comrades then began to fight amongst themselves…one attempting to stop the frenzying vampire, the other trying to allow him to continue feeding. The frenzying vampire literally tore the werewolf to shreds. Meanwhile, Drishti ran upstairs to try and catch Felicity. He got there only to see her and the other women crossing through some unnatural rend in reality. Drishti was able to bite Felicity in the lower leg but was attacked by some type of psychic blast. By the time the rest of the Pack arrived, the two women were gone and Drishti was horribly wounded. The Pack returned to the lower floor to discover the vampires feeding and fighting. Eventually the frenzying vampire calmed down, albeit covered in gore and blood._ Did Patrick pull Nate off of the dying Pure werewolf?_ The situation was…tense. Next steps were discussed while Boone and Dulcie communed with a ghost and figured out that a vampire by the name of Mark Batton was on Felicity and Darlene’s hit list. Apparently these two were using the women from the shelter as tools to get revenge (i.e. murder) men. A spirit named Jack had possessed Darlene and appeared to be allied with Felicity. It was obvious that Felicity had also infiltrated the Pure pack much like she infiltrated the Rock Creek Park Pack. Drishti summoned a local Spirit to get some information. Nigel the Punk Rock God of Safety Pins showed up and possessed the shaman (with Drishti’s blessing, of course). After yelling a lot and biting Malaya’s breast Nigel conveyed some useful information…he confirmed that a very powerful Spirit (Jack) had claimed this shelter as his own, running off all other lesser Spirits. He also explained that Jack was in service to an even more powerful Spirit!! Realizing that 1) Mark was the next victim on Felicity and Darlene’s list, and 2) the vampires knew where Mark was going to be that night, the best plan was to go there and hope to catch the women. The location was actually a gathering of all of the city’s vampires…more than 200 of them! Apparently some type of soiree was happening tonight.

What could possibly go wrong??

Walking in London: Act 1
The Hunt

Inspired by Boone’s prophetic dream that London was in danger the Pack arrived in London, focused on hunting down their prey, Felicity. Zhora arranged for transport. ??? eventually caught the Bale Hound’s scent and the trail led south across the Thames. Boone observed that a Uratha glyph was marked on Tower Bridge…a sigil indicating that they were entering Pure territory!
The hunt (led by Zhora) continued on foot, with the Pack wandering through neighborhoods and alleyways. It soon became apparent that they were being followed. The assumption was that it was the Pure had picked up their trail. Attempts were made to lose their tracker and eventually it seemed like this was successful.
Felicity’s scent was tracked to a nondescript apartment building. The Pack entered, and made their way to the third floor. They followed the trial to a flat at the end of the hall where Malaya instructed Zhora to pick the lock. Eventually Patrick used his axe to smash through the flat’s door!
Inside the small apartment the Pack encountered a party of 5 individuals (it would quickly be determined that they were, in fact, vampires!). Malaya instantly challenged the strangers, demanding to know where Felicity was! The strangers, led by a woman named Dulcie, denied knowledge of Felicity and confirmed that they were here to find a woman named Darlene. This was, in fact, Darlene’s flat. It soon became clear that both women were together. While in the apartment several events occurred:

• The vampires produced a container that held several severed ears. A ritual was performed on one of the ears to see if information could be gleaned. I know something was revealed…can’t recall what
• The flat was noteworthy due it’s lack of Spirit activity. It also had an overwhelming spiritual resonance that made several of the Pack members uncomfortable. Drishti was so put off that he almost fled in terror.
• One of the vampires frenzied and was subdued by his coterie member by being held to the celling until he calmed down.
• Drishti cast a Gift on one of the vampires that “befuddled him” (was this the cause of the frenzy??)
• Two police officers showed up, apparently being called by a neighbor for noise violations. Malaya “asked them to leave” and they did.
The two groups eventually decided to work together and track the women down. The vampires had their own agenda which involved finding Darlene who was important to an associate of theirs named Mark Batton. It was determined that the women were likely in a nearby women’s shelter in the neighborhood of Vauxhall. Everyone went to that location.

Nazareth Part 2

Start off at the hotel Patrick and Gwen have wandered off.

Zhora is very concerned that someone has the ability to easily take away our essence and abilities. She proposes that the pack insert Gwen into the family of mages/warlocks/wise people that we delivered Ulysses to as a defense measure. Most of the pack argues against taking any further aggressive action against Ms. Moses.

Discussion moves on to the topic of Gwen staying with the Moses family. Boone is reluctant to let Gwen stay, most of the others think that she should be allowed.

RETCON*** Blue Sky is not in town, it’s Sunsphere.

Drishti looks into summoning the bone spirit so we can get some more information. We discuss the details required to actually make the binding to contain the spirit.

The pack minus Patrick and Gwen decide to summon the bone spirit at Widow’s mobile home. We decide we’re going to go in wolf form and hunt on the way there so that we’ll have chiminage when we get there.

The pack hunts on the way over. Everyone contributes to Maleya’s roll (27 dice). As a pack we pull down a monstrous old bear, the hunt is so glorious we all get a point of willpower. We strip some bones from the bear for chiminage and bring some flesh for the ban. We also perform a rite to honor the gift the bear has given us.

We make it to Glory acres trailer park without incident.

On the way to Widow’s trailer we learn that the path of the hurricane has changed. It’s now going to hit us in 8 hours instead of 24. Hurricane Chip for the record.

We strip the carpet out of Widow’s bedroom and Drishti inscribes a circle using some of Zhora’s lipstick.

We agree that in order for the spirit to be unbound Maleya needs to say “You are unbound” in Tagaolog.

The spirit is summoned and is much smaller than it was when it inhabited the Bones. Maleya and Drishti start talking to it.

Carmen summoned the bone spirit, created the locus to power the spirit. And told the demon to bring the fleshy ones to her. We learn that Carmen has also bound the bone spirit’s father. The father honors decadence and dancing. The father was on this side of the gauntlet. The bone spirit is really afraid of it’s father. The father has rode Carmen in the past and might now. Drishti banished the spirit and it went on it’s way. It’s worth noting that Zhora cast loose tongue and sense weakness on it. It’s weakness was that it didn’t like being bound.

Maleya heard Patrick howl in the distance. He was howling that there was trouble at the Beauchamp farm and that he was on his way. He pulled up in the truck and headed out. Patrick tell’s the rest of the pack that the Beauchamp’s are under attack. Patrick has put the guns in a duffel in the back of the truck and has brought Gwen with him. We head towards the B’s.

We pull up to the house and see Anna Leigh on her knees in the front yard with her arms outstretched. Patrick almost runs over Anna Leigh but Boone manages to pull the wheel at the last second. Gwen, Maleya, Zhora in spirit form, and Boone all get out of the car and run to Gwen. Just then Levon runs out from the barn and fires a shotgun into the air.

It’s worth noting that the defenses are totally down. The bottles aren’t working anymore and. The only thing keeping the spirits out is Anna Leigh.

Dristhi tries to talk Gwen into helping Anna Leigh, but she doesn’t know how.

Maleya, Patrick, and Zhora go into the house. They’ve been told that Miss Moses is sick. Jack meets them inside and leads the pack members that went inside into a shack.

The walls of the shack are covered with pictures of a young Ulysses and Miss Moses. They hear chanting and Miss Moses is on the bed thrashing and covered in sweat.

Using two worlds eyes the spirit can see a monster in shadow that is attacking Miss Moses. It’s not a spirit.

Fanny and Fiona are in the room.

In order to attack this thing they would need to cross the gauntlet. Because the portable locus was left back at the hotel the pack can’t cross.

Gwenivere touches Anna Leigh, but can’t help her. Zhora comes out in wolf form trying to get Drishti to come in and look at Miss Moses.

Drishti uses the Witches Moon gift to open a hole to shadow to act as a conduit for speech between sides of the gauntlet.

Suddenly a women with a french access starts speaking through Drishti. Drishti challenges her to a fight, she says that she has no intention of fighting puppets like us.

Carmen says that we know nothing about wrath and that the storm that’s coming is made of wrath.

Um, shit happens.

Gwen taps into the power of the storm and lends her strength to Anna Leigh. An explosion blasts out from Gwen and clears frees Miss Moses from the attack.

We learn from the others that Luke has gone off after Carmen. Maleya picks up Carmen’s scent. and we take off after him.

We follow the scent to the pier, but Luke’s boat is gone.

Patrick hears gunshots off to the SW almost jumps into the water, but realizes that the water holds dangers.

Drishti and Jack call Skinner on the sat phone and arrange to have 2 air boats meet us at the pier.

I kind of hate Skinner and Townsis.

Skinner and Townsis take us on airboats to the southwest where we find Lukes boat. on the way there we start smelling Luke and blood.

As the airboats close with the airboats we see an arm draped over the side of the boat holding a gun and dripping blood.

Townsis and Skinner take Luke’s boat back with Luke for first Aid.

Zhora and Drishti see what looks like a spirit festival off in the distance, we keep heading in that direction.

Many many many alligator get into the water.

The channel opens up into a lagoon, in the middle of the lagoon is an island. On the island is a decrepit old mansion. Maleya smells tobacco and decay coming from the mansion.

The island is the source of the festivities that are happening in shadow.

The island is unnaturally quiet. There are hundreds of alligators on the shore, they’re not moving.

Um, and then other stuff happened.

Malaya shot a path’s worth of alligators. The pack quickly dashed through. Boone and Zhora got snagged but managed to break free.

Zhora has a danger sense feeling about the front door.

The pack tried to break in through the windows and the side of the house. These proved ineffective.
Malaya opened the front door. Front door was trapped with a curse.
Maylay suffered -2 due to a crushing feeling.

To the right there was a room with a bunch of carpets. That were covering a hole in the floor.

There was an alter with candles and a doll that was laughing.

Pack was attacked by Alligator men, that most likely were the stolen mortals.

Pack killed them all, elegantly.


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